"If you're still 소녀시대 in the next life time, I'll still be a S♡NE."

"there was a time where i had a deep talk with my sister and bawled my eyes out. because my sister knew my situation so well. the tears flowed endlessly. i think i liked the feeling, ‘she’s a person who honestly understands me.’" - krystal

Anonymous said:
Kanye West is full of himself and he thinks nobody is better then him.

Well I don’t know much about him and if all of that is true, but eh I guess not everyone’s a fan LOL

Anonymous said:
everyone hates mr shim

he’s literally a frog in human form!!

jessica & krystal talking about marriage

Anonymous said:
I don't like Kanye West.

LOL what did he do

Anonymous said:
i hate mr shim

don’t @ me

SNSD MOMENTS - GDA 2010, SNSD won Disk Bonsang and Disk Daesang award.

Soshi and SONE, we are the TRUTH of the world.” — Kim Taeyeon

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jessica’s ad libs in divine

Because she saved me from a deep slump more than a year ago. I may have not been around for that long, but I truly love her and the rest of the girls. She probably won’t be reading this but I wrote it anyway; Dear Jessica Jung Sooyeon, thank you for everything. You light up my world and I look up to you the most. I mean it when I said you saved me, so I’m not going to leave you alone though I realized I can’t contribute that much. This is so heartbreaking but whatever happen next, I want you to know that I’m going to stay here and be with you, supporting you no matter what. I love you, and I won’t stop.

#StayStrongJessica #StayStrongSNSD #StayStrongSones #OT9OrNothing

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