you make broken glass from scars turn into stars

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91-92/  of Jessica Jung

happy birthday beautiful dancer hyoyeon!  

1/100 of breathtaking Hyoyeon

shit kim hyoyeon says (^▽^)

happy birthday hyoyeon!

happy 25th birthday hyoyeon!

get to know: jessica jung (i.)


If you guys haven’t already, make sure to vote for TaeTiSeo on music shows to help them win next week! Inkigayo, Show Champion & Music Core are all in Korean and you’ll need accounts to vote. However, Mcountdown is in English and you can sign in with Facebook or Twitter. 



Show Champion

Music Core

taeyeon & sunny playing with the camera

134 - 136 / 1000 airport soshi


happy birthday to our dorky llama amber ♥

Happy Birthday to f(x)’s finest Amber Josephine Liu 

Anonymous said: Taeyeon's high notes does weird things to my heart. Actually her apperance does weird things to my heart....

Ugh I know, I wish there were more high notes in Holler like there was in Twinkle, but she said there was so much pressure on her to slay those notes :( HER FACE IN GENERAL IS PERFECT 

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