i'm nicole. 16. S♡NE. f(x) stan. everlasting. jessica biased. right now it's girls' generation and we're just living in it.

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Anonymous said: shit sica says pt4!!! you're really good at finding funny shit sica says. it's that or jessica talks shit all the time! AHAHAHAHA i think its both

LOL i’ll see if i can find more content for a “shit jessica says part 4”

but yeah jessica really has her way with words. always saying something sarcastic to her members or something mean to krystal lmao

Happy Birthday Tiffany!

happy 25th birthday tiffany!

This Indestructible Unbreakable bonds that can never be broken

Our soul is a twin soul

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Anonymous said: Hi! Just wondering if you could tell me what video it is when Jessica said "I am Jessica"?

Anonymous said: Can you do "shits krystal say" like what you did for jessica? I'm loving that gif set lol. And i'm sure soojung has a lot shits to say too. hehe ;)

I’ll definitely think about doing a “shit krystal says” LOL. As for now, I’m mostly making things for snsd’s 7th anniversary so I’ll see when I’m done everything else. :)

shit jessica says part 3

introducing you team unnies from f(x)

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jungsis modeling in their hotel room

jessica being weird at red lights

hairflips: it’s a jung thing

from dorks to models

Anonymous said: why jess is so rude? D:

she’s not necessarily rude… what makes you think that LOL

Anonymous said: Could you please do a photoset or picspam of Jessica wearing glasses? :D