They say ‘Lucky Number 7’ but Lucky Number 9 has been ingrained in my head. My lucky number is 9.

Anonymous said: Unfollowing bc of your dumbass reply..."real sones want 9" or some shit like that. No. SNSD is now 8. Real sones will support Jessica and SNSD as 8.

"real sones would want 9" means they WOULD WANT snsd as 9 members. key words "would want". I’m not saying you shouldn’t support snsd as 8 and jessica on her own. because that’s what we’re forced to do at this point. up till now, snsd lived off the fact that they managed to go on for so long without any member changes, that’s what they were proud of and that’s what us sones were proud of. so it’s not quite easy to give it up like that. in the end, i will accept snsd as 8, but i will not accept the fact that they turned on her, nor will i believe that jessica turned on them. so go ahead and unfollow if you want.


Just remember…. She never wanted to leave SNSD.

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stay perfect, maomao~♡

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Anonymous said: the #staystrongsnsd was geared towards supporting ot8. it's gross how most sones are turning on jessica and saying everything was her fault when she just signed a 3 yr contract. they should be fighting for ot9 instead.

i support snsd as 9. i’m not saying i’m giving up on the other 8 or jessica and her individual activities, but snsd isn’t snsd unless there are 9 members. a lot of sones who’s bias isn’t jessica are quick to put the blame on her, but no one but sm, snsd and jessica know the true story of what happened. “sones” who turn on jessica aren’t sones in the first place. real sones would want ot9. 

Anonymous said: Hi! I'm a bit confused with the Jessica leaving thing... is it true or not?? Sorry to bother...

it’s true and it’s been confirmed by SM. jessica was forced to leave snsd, because she wanted to go into design as well as stay in snsd. SM didn’t want that. 

Anonymous said: Lets trend #alwaysbehindyoujessica on twitter

a lot of sica trends were trending yesterday. i like how #staystrongsnsd was trending 1st worldwide but i wish more people recognized how much pain jessica is in :(

"Our color is always pink, our number is always nine, and our group is always Girls’ Generation.”

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You can take Jessica from SNSD, but you can’t take SNSD from Jessica.

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Anonymous said: why do people keep saying things like "aw don't leave jessica!" or "why is jessica leaving? :((("?? jessica isn't leaving. she's being kicked out. she has been betrayed. for following her dreams while still trying her very best to remain committed to the group. she just signed a contract and posted about how she's devastated on weibo. she's in pain.

she wanted to stay in snsd. she didn’t want to leave. and i’ll love her for that. she wanted to pursue her passion for fashion, but continue snsd because of her dedication to the group and the other 8 members. but she has 3 more years with SM… 

you are my angel, come from above to bring me love.

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This is an intimate photo of Girls’ Generation taken just five minutes before they made history.

Five minutes before they had just one take to perform on The Late Show with David Letterman.
Thank you for sharing this, Sim Jaewon. Soshibond ftw


9 - 1 = 0

Anonymous said: tfw > you have to delete your blog

lol i don’t think i’m going to delete my blog. i’m still going to support jessica no matter what she does, and i’m not going to give up on the other 8 as well.